the artist

ben van der wel

– visual artist, art on paper, silverpoint mostly
– amsterdam-ish

– silverpoint advocate in the Netherlands: extensive tutorial and webshop
– founding member of dutch artist collective art allies 2023
– before that dutch artist collective popinnart 2018-2022

– master of arts in johann wolfgang von goethe’s dilettantism theory (university of amsterdam)
– privately schooled in the visual arts by jan van der pol and rien monshouwer (both accomplished artists and former teachers at the royal art academy of the hague)
– obtained a typewriting certificate on a remington travel writer

– father
– spent the greater part of two decades on my knees between dusty antiquarian books
– used to climb quite high trees until a viscious attack by  a rather large book took out my shoulder
– used to be a local rock band’s mascot in a long forgotten era